Dog owners would rather kiss a dog than their human partner, survey suggests

An organic dog food brand has confirmed what furries have seemingly known all along: People are more than willing to show affection toward cuddly, canine-looking friends.

Riley’s Organics polled dog owners across the country about their penchant for puppy PDA, and the findings indicate that the majority – however slight – are more affectionate with their pets than with their partners, reports.

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According to the survey, 52 percent of those polled said they gave their dogs more kisses than their significant others — and 61 percent said they kiss their dogs on the mouth. Fifty-two percent also claimed they’d rather share a bed with a dog when given the choice between a dog or a partner.

These findings come more than a year after a separate survey of American pet owners found that more than half admitted to skipping out on social events to hang out with a dog or cat.

The results shouldn't be all that surprising, though, as 94 percent of those polled by Riley's Organics said they would rather stay at home with a dog than spend a night out with a human friend.

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