Dog needs life saving surgery after being shot in Orange County neighborhood

Maverick needs help and fast.

The pit-bull mix was spotted by a group in some bushes in Orange County.

Animal services got the call and rushed the dog to Luv n’ Care animal hospital in Longwood for treatment. The hospital discovered he was shot in the chest, possibly with a pellet gun, damaging his lung. The bullet was still stuck inside his body.

"How could someone possibly think that it's okay to do something like that to an animal when he's clearly a healthy, happy, sweet guy who has shown no aggression while he's here, towards cats, dogs or people,” said Dr. Kara Knight, a vet who works at the Luv n’ Care clinic.

Maverick’s lung was filling up with fluid, which vets have to remove every day to keep the dog breathing. Now, Maverick needs surgery to take out that damaged part of his lung. Tailz Rescue Ranch is working to raise money for the procedure -- which could cost more than $10,000.

"It makes no sense. I don't understand how anybody could be so evil and cruel to these beings that are so unconditionally loving,” said Adrienne Andino, who works at Tailz. Dozens of people across Central Florida reached out to show their support for Maverick.

"It's still touch and go, and we have to be realistic and know that he needs a lot more aggressive treatment in order to make it out of here. They're calling this surgery that he would have 'life-saving surgery' at this point. He needs it. There's no getting out of it,” Andino said.

The long-term goal was to get Maverick in better shape, so he can find a forever home. Deputies were still searching for who could have done this.

"If you see something, say something,” Andino said, “and always be a voice for the voiceless."