Dog bites Volusia County man's ear off, deputies say

Photo by Agency-Animal-Pictures/Getty Images

Volusia County deputies say a man lost his ear after his girlfriend's pit bull attacked him. 

On Friday, deputies responded to 200 Katrina St. in DeLeon Springs. The dog's owner says she was getting her boyfriend up to get ready for work. While the man was sitting on the bedroom floor, the woman says she tapped his arm and that's when her dog, Rukus, bit him on the arm, causing a substantial amount of bleeding.

Deputies say the woman tried to pull Rukus off, but he was too strong and continued to attack the man's arms and legs, ultimately biting off her boyfriends' left ear. 

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The woman was able to get Rukus in another room and call for help. Her boyfriend was taken to Halifax Hospital in Daytona Beach.

Deputies say the woman told them that Rukus has never displayed this type of behavior before and has never bitten her boyfriend. 

Rukus was taken by Volusia County Animal Control and will be placed in a 10-day quarantine.