Documents show history of violence between Sarah Boone and boyfriend

Investigators say a woman abandoned her boyfriend like lost luggage, zipped in a suitcase and left to die. They say she was laughing as he screamed in terror, pleading for help until his last breath. Then detectives say she tried to cover it up by blaming a game of "hide-n-seek" gone wrong.

This isn't the couple's first brush with the law.  Court documents detail a history of domestic violence between Sarah Boone and her boyfriend. Both of them have previous arrests in Orange County for battery on each other.

Sarah Boone sat stonefaced in court Wednesday, facing a murder charge for the death of her boyfriend Jorge Torres Jr. at their Winter Park home, accused of zipping him in a suitcase and leaving him to die.

"The evidence includes photos of trauma to multiple sites on the victim's body," said a judge in court Wednesday.

This is not Boone's first time facing serious charges for her relationship with Torres. Boone was charged in July 2018 with battery by strangulation. 

According to court documents, she told investigators she was dragged upstairs by Torres and kicked in the right eye after talking to a guy at a bar. Torres at the time told investigators she tried to strangle him and that if he did not kick her off him, she would have made him incapacitated. In the affidavit, deputies say they weren't able to tell who the primary aggressor was.

Torres was also charged with battery three times in 2019. His most recent arrest was in September when. according to the affidavit, Boone accused him of punching her in the left ear.  According to the affidavit, there was a temporary injunction for protection in place at the time.

Neighbors told FOX 35 News they have seen deputies stop by the home before and have heard the couple fighting.

"She was very nice. Comforting, very talkative. She also had her moments. I just heard yelling and screaming."

Boone is locked up in Orange County, charged with second-degree murder.