School districts extend online learning deadlines as COVID delta variant leaves parents torn

Some school districts in Central Florida are giving parents more time to sign their kids up for virtual school as the delta variant leaves parents uncertain about whether to send their students back into the classroom.

Volusia County announced Monday that parents now have until Thursday, Aug. 5, at 5 p.m. to apply for Volusia Online Learning. 

Seminole County announced it was also extending its sign-up window until Friday, Aug. 6. The district said 279 kids enrolled on the first day of the extension.  

Brevard County on Tuesday announced that it too will re-open the application window for Brevard Virtual School. The application window is now open for full-time enrollment through 11:59 p.m. on Friday, August 6, 2021.  After Friday’s deadline, Brevard Virtual will continue to offer part-time (flex) and home education options for families.

The districts tell FOX 35 they wanted to give parents more time to decide what’s best for their families. 

Volusia County mom Renee Miller had hoped to send her kids back to the classroom.

"We were really looking forward for them to go back. Mostly it’s the friends. They miss the interaction with their friends," she said.

She tells FOX 35 News the district’s optional mask policy coupled with the Delta variant were deal breakers.

"When the Delta variant started, that changed my mind. We decided that online would be better until they were either vaccinated," she said.

Kim Short runs a school forum Facebook page with thousands of parents. 

"You’re never gonna have everybody agree on this," she said. 

She said a majority of parents plan to send their kids back to the classroom in person, including herself. 

"My children were in person all last year. I personally believe that you receive the best instruction by being in person," she said.

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