Disney World visitors can now use Amazon Prime one-day delivery

Photo by Jacqueline Nell/Disneyland Resort via Getty Images

You never have to worry again about leaving something at home when you go to Disney World.

Packing for yourself and your family members can be a chaotic experience, so it’s natural that some things get left behind — like hair brushes, toiletries, or other essential items that you totally thought you packed.

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While the resort hotels at Disney World also sell sundries, such as deodorant, Band-Aids, or sunscreen, they may not always have exactly what you’re looking for in stock.

Amazon is now offering same-day delivery for all Prime members in Orlando, Reader’s Digest reported. That means your personal items like shampoo or diapers, groceries, or even an extra stroller is only a click away. (And if you're not a Prime member, you can always sign up for a free trial and instantly reap the benefits).

It stands to reason that this offer is available to Orlando residents and non-Disney tourists as well, so it’s also great news for people visiting Universal Studios.

In order to get same-day delivery, you must place an order greater than $20. If you want it delivered to your hotel, go to the Amazon Prime Now storefront and type in your resort name with the word “guest” + “your name” after it, and add the resort’s physical address.

Then, feel free to place your order and add delivery instructions so it gets to you as quickly as possible. According to Reader’s Digest, the package will be taken to the resort’s front desk and held for you there, so you can enjoy the parks and never worry about your items getting delivered.

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