Disney testing Skyliner gondola system for reopening

The new gondolas at Walt Disney World Resort are running once again, after being shut down for several days following an outage last weekend.  Still, there is no word on when guests will get to use them.  

It's been five days since the Disney Skyliner malfunctioned with the gondolas smashing up against each other.  FOX 35 has obtained video from inside the park on Wednesday of the gondolas up and running.  A spokesperson for Disney says it is running as part of their review of the Skyliner. She says they've been running the Skyliner this since Tuesday morning, but there are no people on it.

An incident happened on Saturday night involving the Disney Skyliner gondolas. People reported being stuck for hours, prompting many to post videos and pictures on social media.

Five days ago, the gondolas smashed up against each other, forcing evacuations.  Occupants of one gondola had to be rescued by Reedy Creek Fire Department. Six people were taken down from it -- three of them transported to the hospital and then released for non-serious injuries. The incident caused three hours in delays for people that were on the Skyliner at the time.

Disney says it’s still looking into exactly what caused that malfunction to happen. There is no set timeline for when the Skyliner will officially reopen to the public, but if you do see those gondolas moving around, that is because they are still reviewing the transportation system.