Disney Skyliner closed while investigation into pile-up incident continues

Walt Disney World released a statement Sunday expressing “sincere apologies” for a malfunction on the new Disney Skyliner that left people stuck on the ride for more than three hours.

Disney said a team is looking into the malfunction that happened on the Epcot line Saturday night and the Skyliner will remain closed until further notice.

Guests took to social media, posting videos and pictures of people appearing to be stuck and evacuated off the gondolas.

Chloe Nicke said she was about to get off the ride when it suddenly stopped.

“As they were moving us forward, the gondolas were getting more and more squished together and you could hear it break," she said.

Nicke said she was stuck for 30 minutes before she was freed.

Disney confirmed that some passengers were stuck for more than three hours until they were able to restart the system.

“We could hear little kids crying in the [gondoloas] in front of us,” Nicke said. “You could hear [the people who were stuck] being like hey get us down I’m hungry so they were yelling.”

Disney said it is in contact with the guests who were stuck on the ride and is working with them individually.

The Disney Skyliner recently opened to the public on September 29.