Disney union workers urging employees to reject new contract

Unionized Disney workers are voting Thursday and Friday on a new contract. Disney said they're giving these workers a very strong offer, but Disney union leaders are recommending their workers vote ‘no.’

Diego Henry says he loves working at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. "I tell people I get to make the magic. I get to laugh, smile, and make people happy, some days the guests make us happy, so it's a good trade-off," Henry said.

Henry said he's voting ‘no’ on the contract that Disney is offering to workers. "It's really disappointing because they say 'we appreciate you, we value you, you are the magic,' but don't pay me as if you appreciate me."

The main disagreement is this: Most Disney workers make $15 per hour. Disney says they're offering most workers an immediate $1-per-hour raise, increasing each year over the next five years to $20-per-hour. Union leadership says they want hourly wages raised to $18-per-hour starting now and raising to $20-per-hour over the next three years.

"It's very disappointing," Henry said, "I know a lot of my cast members feel that way."

Disney said they're offering other benefits, including eight weeks of paid child-bonding for eligible cast members, maintaining the current pension and introducing an additional 401-k option, and a lump-sum retroactive pay dating back to October when the last contract expired.

But the workers like Henry are calling for more cash and say they're holding the line. "We, as an STCU council, we're standing together and saying 'no.'"