Developer eyes DeBary property for project

A developer is looking to reshape a Central Florida city. Sixty-four acres of prime real estate in DeBary is being turned into a commercial hot spot. 

For Steve Costa, this family land is about to be land for a lot of families.

“My partners and I bought the property in 2005 from my family,” said developer Steve Costa. 

Costa is developing the 64 acres at the corner of Dirksen Drive and 1792 in DeBary into a new space for both homes and businesses. It’s a $180 million project he calls “the junction.”

“It's the junction. it's the place where all the places meet.”

Those places include Gemini Springs Park, the DeBary SunRail station, I-4 and various trails.

“We want to be a great place to live. We want to be a healthy environment, and then we wanted to be a destination for getting on and off the trail,” said Costa. 

It’s a plan Costa came up with back in 2005. The plan was halted by the recession but then revived by SunRail.

“We’re increased the density so we can encourage walkability around the SunRail station and build as many units as we can within walking distance of the SunRail station,” said Costa.

The groundbreaking on the homes is scheduled for next month. Final plans will be shown at the DeBary City Council meeting Wednesday night. But Costa has high hopes.

“I really think we're going to create a destination here that'll compliment what they already have.”