Deputy re-assigned after being cited in another wreck

A deputy with the Osceola County Sheriff's Office is being re-assigned to a position where she will not be driving an agency vehicle, according to an agency spokesman.

This news comes after troopers with the Florida Highway Patrol say she caused a crash on State Road 417 on Tuesday afternoon. According to Boccio’s personnel file, that’s the fourth crash she’s been involved in less than two years.  Troopers say the most recent crashed happened at 4:40 p.m.  

“What independent witnesses are telling us is that traffic was slowing in the right thru lane of northbound 417.  As they were slowing, one car stopped. The marked Osceola County deputy's patrol vehicle failed to slow in time and swerved to the left to avoid striking the vehicle in front of her. When she did that she impacted the pick-up truck in the lane next to her,” said Lt. Kim Montes.  

Deputy Boccio was cited for an improper lane change.  Lt. Montes confirms that Deputy Boccio is the same deputy who failed to stop at a red light last month, slamming into a pick-up truck, killing that driver, shaking up people in the two other cars it hit.

Maintenance records show that, 10 days prior to the deadly collision, Deputy Boccio complained of brake issues with that vehicle. The vehicle was taken in for service, but records show the mechanics at the dealer could not find any problems with the brakes.

“That crash remains under investigation,” said Lt. Montes.  

When asked if there was any indication whether she hit the brakes in that case, Montes said they were investigating that.

"They did download the black box from the patrol vehicle, but I have not been given the information as to what it found,” she said, adding that the investigation could take another 60-90 days.  

On October 5, Osceola County Sheriff Russ Gibson told reporters he was putting Deputy Boccio on administrative leave, pending the outcome of the investigation of the fatal wreck.  The Osceola County Sheriff's Office spokesperson told FOX 35 that Deputy Boccio reported back to duty on October 29, she was assigned another agency vehicle and has been attending a job required training class at Valencia Community College since she’s been back. 

After Tuesday’s crash, the spokesman said Sheriff Gibson understands the public’s safety concern and that’s why Deputy Boccio will be working in a position where she won’t be driving an agency vehicle for now.