Deputies say women posing as 'fake grannies' trespassed after trying to get vaccine

The Orange County Sheriff's Office on Friday released body camera video of two women accused of pretending to be senior citizens and trying to get their second coronavirus vaccine shot.

It all happened at the Orange County Convention Center on Wednesday morning. Deputies said a "granny imposter" pulled up with a passenger to get their vaccine. However, instead of getting a shot, they were given a scolding. L

"You’ve stolen a vaccine from someone that needs it more than you and now you’re not going to get your second one," you hear a deputy explain. "That’s a whole waste of time we’ve just wasted on this."

Deputies said two women arrived with dates of birth that didn’t match the ones they used to register for the vaccines.

"We’re not even sure if we’re going to press charges against you and take you to jail right now Just for your selfishness of stealing a vaccine."

Marilyn Fair’s been waiting since December to get her vaccine. We asked her and others what they thought of the alleged scheme.

"It’s just wrong, it’s just wrong! Any kid who uses a fake ID gets a third-degree misdemeanor, so they should be punished," said Fair.

Clyde Metzger was also getting his vaccine, and added, "It's kind of sad. It’s hard to get all this distributed among anybody no matter what age."

The women realize it’s no joke,

"I’m sorry," you hear one respond.

The duo, ages 44 and 34, avoided an arrest, for now.

"This is a trespass warning. You’re hereby warned, you’re not invited to be in these premises and may be arrested if you refuse to leave."

With demand for vaccines at an all-time high, this deputy made it clear.

"You’ve gotta wait your turn!"

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