Deputies: Man shot girlfriend in tragic accident

Volusia County Deputies said an Oak Hill shooting seems like a tragic accident. It all happened down an unpaved road in a rural Oak Hill community.

They say the man made a frantic call to 911 after shooting his long-term girlfriend. Deputies say the 49 year-old man was in the woods with his 53 year-old girlfriend, near a tent they shared.

During the rain Sunday night, the man told deputies he heard shots off in the distance. They say he took out his own gun - an old shotgun - to fire a warning shot in response. That's when they say he slipped and fell, and the gun went off.

He didn't see his girlfriend in the dark, but the blast hit his girlfriend, killing her. Deputies said the man was there when deputies showed up, and cooperated with the investigation.

So far, there have been no charges filed in this case, but deputies said it was an active investigation.