Demonstrators do push-ups, squats outside Pinellas courthouse to protest gym closures

Demonstrators gathered outside of the Pinellas County Courthouse on Monday by doing squats and push-ups to protest the continued closures of gyms and recreation centers in Florida.

Video showed the protesters working out and holding signs such as "Give me chains or give me death" on Monday morning.

A group called Open Tampa Bay organized the protest to call on the state to open gyms, which have remained closed due to Gov. Ron DeSantis's executive order.

Gyms are not scheduled to reopen until Phase Two of the governor's reopening plan.

“This page is dedicated to those who believe enough is enough,” the Open Tampa Bay Facebook page said. “We must never allow our civil liberties to be encroached upon and we must allow our businesses in the Tampa Bay Area to re-open and give all lawful business owners the right to operate their businesses to provide for their communities, families, employees, and themselves.”