Florida woman accused of shooting boyfriend said it was an accident: arrest report

A Deltona woman is charged with attempted first-degree murder after investigators said she shot her boyfriend.

According to deputies, on Sunday, Aimee Peltier, 45, told her husband about something her boyfriend allegedly did several months ago.

Deputies said her husband became angry and left the home on Page Drive to look for him. Peltier told investigators she grabbed two guns and a knife so her husband couldn’t take them.

According to the report, Peltier asked the boyfriend to come to the home and she accidentally shot him while talking to him. 

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The report read, "She said she held the firearm in her right hand while talking to him and she then heard it go off. She stated she did not mean to fire the firearm and did not immediately know she did." 

A friend called 911 to report the incident:

911 Caller: "I called her and she was crying. I said, ‘What’s going on?’ She said, ‘I shot him.’ I said, 'What do you mean you shot him?’ She said, ‘It was an accident.’ And then I heard him in the background saying that, ‘Please call 911.’"

Deputies said the bullet pierced the victim through the back and came out of his stomach. The 37-year-old DeBary man was taken to the hospital for treatment.

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At her first appearance Monday, her public defender asked for a lesser charge of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon causing great bodily harm.

"We would argue that she didn’t have the sufficient Mens Rea, criminal intent, uh, to commit an attempted murder," he said. 

The state battled back.

"My only argument, arguments or inferences are, you know, she’s holding a gun, and for her to say she doesn’t know that a 9 mm discharges is ridiculous," said the state.

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In the end, the judge decided to give her a $75,000 bond and left probable cause undetermined, saying she would review the case again in 72 hours.

"The only facts within that paragraph is that she heard she was holding the gun in her hand and heard it go off and didn’t mean to fire the firearm," the judge said.

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