Delta gives behind-the-scenes look at COVID-19 cleaning procedures

Delta Air Lines showed FOX 35 some of the changes it's made for passenger safety during the pandemic.

“Air travel is evolving since COVID-19 started,” Delta employee Michael Kroll said.

From Plexiglass at the counters to enhanced cleaning on the planes, Delta airlines gave us a behind-the-scenes look at the changes it’s made at Orlando International Airport.

Kroll explained that “the cleaning team is committed to disinfecting all high touchpoints. We spray the aircraft with what’s called electrostatic spray, which is a high-grade disinfectant.”

Delta formed a “cleanliness division” to focus on safety. Some of the changes include coronavirus testing for employees, boarding planes in smaller groups from back to front and not assigning passengers to middle seats through the end of the year. 

Kroll said, “I think we’re leading the airline industry right now with leaving middle seats open compared to our competitors, and I think the response from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive."

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All passengers must wear a mask, too. If you don’t, you cannot fly. Kroll told FOX 35 that "we have banned customers from flying Delta because they did not comply."

Delta hopes all of this will make people feel safer flying. Employees said they have already noticed a difference.

“We’ve increased our flights to currently 23 flights a day,” Kroll said. “October will go up to 29 flights and currently in November, we’re projected to 31 flights. We expect Delta’s flights to significantly increase during the holiday period.”


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