'She is definitely my hero': Florida woman thanks FedEx driver who found her unconscious in field

A Florida woman said a FedEx driver saved her life.

Sharon Collar, a High Springs resident, met with Yeisel Rivera, the FedEx driver, to thank her for helping her a few weeks ago. Collar said she was walking from one end of her property to the other when she passed out in the grass.

Rivera had just pulled into Collar’s driveway to deliver packages when she saw Collar laying on the ground. She ran to ask her if she needed help, then stayed with her until her family arrived.

"I felt that she needed some recognition," Collar said. "You know she didn’t have to stop or anything and could have just delivered the packages over there." 

Rivera mostly speaks Spanish but said she was just happy to help. "It’s my nature to help people. And [be kind] and respond," Rivera said.

Collar said she doesn’t know how long she was laying in the grass and doesn’t know what would have happened if Rivera didn’t see her. She said Rivera saved her life. "She is definitely my hero," Collar said.