DeLand City Hall struck by lightning, crews rushing to get it re-opened

Lightning forced DeLand City Hall to shut down and crews are rushing to get it re-opened.

On Friday, the sky was ablaze with lightning and one powerful strike took aim at DeLand City Hall. The city says that the lightning strike has fried the building's air conditioning system. Crews have been working all weekend to repair it.

Until the system is fixed, the City has portable units in City Hall and they re-opened just the first floor around noon Monday. Because of the inconvenience, if you have utility bills that are normally due Monday or Tuesday, you will have until 8 a.m. on Wednesday.

The city says that the rest of the building on the second and third floors will remain closed until tomorrow. Portable A/C units are also being installed on those floors.

This was not the only issue with severe weather in Orange County. Crews battled a brush fire and a house they say was caused by bolts of lightning.