Deer gets head stuck in hollow plastic pumpkin in West Deptford

A deer apparently stuck his head into a hollow plastic pumpkin and now can’t get it out.

The photograph was emailed to FOX 29 after making waves on a private West Deptford community Facebook page shows the deer with what appears to be a decorative plastic pumpkin stuck on its face.

The bizarre sighting was all the talk up and down Hessian Avenue.

“He was just running around my yard. And I’m going to my daughter-in-law, There’s a deer attached to that pumpkinjust floating out there," Mary Grassi said.

Grassi says she saw the poor creature twice on Thursday.

Josh Gordon works at the Calvary Chapel Church on Hessian and saw the deer Wednesday evening, sprinting through the church parking lot.

It appears the deer has been stuck since Monday, making it likely he hasn’t been able to eat or drink for days. A State Fish and Wildlife officer was on the scene Friday hoping to find the deer, tranquilizer it, remove the pumpkin and get it some water, but no luck.

Mary Grassi is hoping for the best.

“I hate to think of an animal starving to death. It just seems cruel," she said.