DeBary teen accused of murdering his mother faces a judge

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There was a series of hearings going on at the courthouse in Deland to see whether a trio of teens will be charged as juveniles or adults in a grisly murder case. Tuesday morning, a Volusia county judge remanded Dylan Ceglarek and Brian Porras back to juvenile detention after their respective hearings. Both are charged with helping friend Greg Ramos cover up his mother’s murder.
New paperwork that the news station obtained today gives insight into what happened when Gail Cleavenger, Ramos’ mother, went missing. The report describes how deputies first went into her Debary home after she'd been reported missing and describing the open drawers, broken glass, and missing electronics. The report goes on to describe deputies calling Cleavenger’s boss, Ruffin Rhodes, trying to find out if she'd shown up for work.

“We gave her some time and then started getting worried. It's been two or three hours. Started Googling to see if there was any accidents or anything, that went on for several hours until we said we needed to call her husband,” Rhodes recalled.
Rhodes says Cleavenger would ride on the Sunrail to downtown Orlando, then ride on a small, foldable bicycle to her office near Lake Eola. He said he knew something was wrong Friday morning, when he showed up to work and her bicycle wasn't there.

News about Cleavenger soon got worse when it was revealed that she'd been reported missing from her Debary home. The report states that deputies started doubting her son's explanation from the start, noticing many inconsistencies he was giving them. This included suspicious scratches on his face.

Ramos told deputies they came from falling down the stairs, but deputies believe it instead came from his mother scratching his face while she fought for her life.

The report describes how Dylan Ceglarek eventually told deputies where to find the missing items from Cleavenger's home, and where to find her body. He took them to the fire pit where deputies said the teens buried her.

“From anger to hurt, tears,” Rhodes said, “we're all just surprised and shocked. We're gonna miss her. We're gonna miss her very much.

On Wednesday Greg Ramos will be in closed-court in Deland for his hearing on whether or not to be charged as an adult. As of Tuesday evening, the judge had not made any rulings.