Daytona Lagoon set to reopen this weekend for first time since Hurricane Ian

Like many others businesses along the shores of Daytona Beach, the Daytona Lagoon water park took a hit last year from Hurricane Ian. The park was forced to close early, but it is set to reopen this weekend. 

With roofs repaired, new floors, and fresh paint, General Manager Tyler Currie is excited for people to see the improvements made. "It pushed us on some projects we wanted to get done anyway so now it just looks even better," Currie said. "So we’re excited for that side of it, but we did hate losing the time we did lose being closed."

Currie said Hurricane Nicole didn’t help things either. "Most of the things that went, went already," he said. "It really didn’t add much to anything that we already had damage done the couple weeks before."

Overall, he said the timing of the hurricanes could have been worse for the water park. "We did lose a few weekends in October, which we normally would be open. We had some great weather other than the hurricane. We did lose a little bit there, but we’re real excited to have people back in."

This weekend will be more of a soft opening, but in a couple of weeks, they’ll reopen again for spring break where they are expecting things to get plenty busy.