Businesses expect boost from Daytona 500 race postponement

The word came at 9:30 a.m., that NASCAR was postponing the Daytona 500 until Monday afternoon, because of bad weather. Fans left the speedway, having to wait another rainy day to witness the Great American Race. "We were expecting it. We've been watching the rain for two weeks, now. So we knew it was going to happen," said Corey Stinchcomb, visiting from Titusville.

But the dark clouds may have a silver lining for local businesses. The race may be delayed, but for the shops and restaurants here at One Daytona, it may mean another day of good business. At Stoked Poke, owner Eric Jackson says he hopes the crowds stick around. "The rain is what it is, but we still got a great turnout of people and I think it helps small businesses a little bit with people are out and about, looking for things to do."

Christina Bates, general manager at Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery, says racing season usually brings in the big bucks for their business. "Actually, I think it's gonna end up bringing business tomorrow as well, so I think we're actually going to be pretty busy today and tomorrow."

Over at Foxtail Coffee, barista Jessica Douglas says NASCAR fans have been warming up with their drinks. "It's been insane. A lot of people, especially with the rain and everything, have been coming over, asking for stuff to do around town. Getting a cup of coffee, waiting for the rain to pass. It's been pretty busy, yeah."

A 2022 study from Florida State University states that the Speedway and One Daytona entertainment complex together have an annual economic impact of nearly $341 million.