Dallas Stars fan makes big mistake when ordering custom jerseys

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A North Texas man and his wife were hoping to order special Dallas Star jerseys just for them. But instead, they wound up with jerseys that said “your name” on the back.

Daniel Barthold from Valley View, Texas, says his wife ordered the jerseys and wanted them with numbers but no names on the back. She didn’t realize leaving the name section blank would result in the default text on the jerseys.

When they finally received their jerseys, they couldn’t help but laugh at what they had actually received.

“My wife forgot to delete the default txt box when ordering our custom Dallas Stars jerseys! Haha,” Barthold tweeted with a picture of the jerseys.

The Dallas Stars responded to Barthold on Twitter with this tongue-in-cheek response:

Since then, Barthold’s tweet has gone viral and received hundreds of retweets and likes.

The Valley View man says they tried to remove the mistake themselves with a stitch ripper, but eventually ended up leaving them alone and just having fun with it.

Barthold says they plan to attend several Dallas Stars games and will proudly wear their ‘your name’ jerseys.