'Craziest night of my life' says tornado survivor

Raymond Faenza and his brother chose to ride out Hurricane Irma in their Mims' mobile homes.

"Craziest night of my life, as far as danger goes, very dangerous," Raymond tells FOX 35, explaining the seconds after a tornado warning was issued in his area. "It just was very loud, like a big freight train or 10, and then it like lifted my building and then kinda dropped it down and by the grace of God, it still stands today."

His brother wasn't as lucky. His mobile home was destroyed, just like many other homes along Brockett St., including downed trees, yards covered in debris, and detached roofs hanging.

"We got a lot of work to do here."

Faenza feels lucky to be alive but says he won't test that luck again.

"Evacuate. Don't think twice. Hit the road."

The National Weather Service has not confirmed a tornado(s) touched down in Mims.