COVID-19 testing demand continues to grow in Orlando as cases rise

As cases climb in Florida, Orange County's COVID-19 vaccine and testing site at Barnett Park is seeing long lines this weekend as people rush to get tested for COVID-19.

On Friday, about 1,600 people got a test at the Orlando site and as of Saturday afternoon, the site was on track to see the same numbers.

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"The demand has increased recently there’s no doubt about that," said Delisa Craig a Senior Community Services Worker at the site. "For a while, the demand was a little bit lower. We’re seeing some of the same numbers we saw months ago."

Not only were there long lines for people to get a test at the Barnett Park site, there were also lines for people there to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

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"It’s the summer and everyone’s trying to do everything they want to do. It seems like we’re getting too used to corona and we feel like it’s not here, but it is here because the numbers are going back up," said Lakisha Whitehorn who got the vaccine at the site Saturday. "We just got tired of living in fear and just being scared of when we’re going to get the virus or if we’re going to get the virus."

The site is open seven days a week through the end of August.