Couple turn government shutdown into new careers

The 2013 U.S. government shutdown confused, then angered U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics worker, Alex Kratochwill and his wife Victoria.

“The initial reaction was, ‘Oh, a day off. That’s lovely!’ But immediately after, it was like ‘OK…well now what” says Victoria.

The couple had been making extra cash on the side creating custom-painted sets of the popular tailgating game known as cornhole. When the government furloughed Alex for two weeks, the couple say they got inspired.

Victoria says, “We had always considered ‘Wouldn’t it be great to work for ourselves if we had that opportunity?’ And then that opportunity was (there and we said) ‘Well, it’s sink or swim.’”

The pair turned their trouble into a dream come true turning their cornhole side business into full time careers. The success of their cornhole company BMore Corny, LLC eventually brought them to Florida’s beaches where they thought the sets might sell better. Their hunch was correct.

They turned a furlough during a government shutdown into something positive.