Coronavirus worries keep poll workers away

With the Sunshine State's primary on Tuesday, Central Florida poll workers, like Leslie Feinberg, say they're ready to go.

“I'm gonna be there quarter of six tomorrow,” Feinberg said.

Feinberg said by 6:15 a.m, she and her coworkers have to be logged into the board of elections system.

She said they were all coming prepared.

“We're bringing what we can from home," Feinberg said. "We've already ordered gloves online. We're bringing sanitizer, soap, wipes to wipe things down. We're doing the best we can.”

Election supervisors say they have seen poll workers dropping from their ranks because of coronavirus worries.

“We have seen some cancellations, most of them are folks who have been advised by their doctor not to work,” said Chris Anderson, Seminole County elections supervisor. “We probably lost 80, so to speak right now.”

“We're to the point we're filling slots and not keeping count,” Bill Cowles, Orange County elections supervisor said. “We'll fill as many as we can.”

They said they had alternate workers they could use.

Orange County’s elections chief says they already planned on needing lots of backup workers for this vote.

“We knew we had to recruit for this election and now the virus has just added to that recruitment,” Cowles said.

The supervisors said they were taking all the necessary steps to keep the voting process safe.

Orange County has had to change one polling place because it was in an assisted living facility.

Seminole County says it hasn't had any location changes, but it's always a good idea to check your county's website for your polling place before heading to cast your ballot.