Convicted wife killer, Bob Ward, sentenced to 30 years in prison

Millionaire Bob Ward was sentenced to 30 years in prison for killing his wife. 

The judge sentenced Bob Ward to 30 years in prison plus more than half a million dollars in restitution. Ward was convicted earlier this year of manslaughter for killing his wife Diane Ward nine years ago.

Ward's defense team argued that the gun went off when Ward tried to stop his wife from killing herself. Today, Bob Ward told the judge he did not kill his wife. His daughter also told the judge that she does not believe her father murdered her mother. The defense hoped this would sway the judge to be lenient and sentence Bob Ward to time served, which is nearly 6.5 years.

Watch his sentencing below.

It has been nine years since Dianna Ward was shot and killed by her husband, Bob Ward. Prosecutors say Ward killed his after an argument. After she was shot, he called 911 and told the operator he was sorry, adding that it was an accident. 

Ward later tried to change his story, saying that his wife killed herself. But prosecutors argued that based on the evidence form the crime scene, there was no way she could have shot herself.

The jury came back with a guilty conviction and Ward showed little emotion when the verdict was read.