Company in Orlando conducting virtual war games

Technology from a company in Central Florida is now helping to train those on the front lines fighting for our country.

Saab Inc. is formally known for its cars, but now the company is helping to keep troops safe in the line of duty. 

The company was recently awarded a contract with the U.S. Marine Corps to provide simulated live training.

"When you are a warfighter conducting operations use of terrain, supporting fires between the teammates, coordinating the activity is a difference between life and death," David Rees, site lead and director of program management for Saab simulation training in Orlando said.

Saab’s team in Orlando helps to make the training possible for our nation’s troops."Saab’s core product is the live training system. That compromises lasers that are upended to whatever weapons the warfighters are using, and a detector system, which they are wearing," Rees said.

The live training system can be compared to a laser tag game, but its purpose is very serious. It creates real-life combat scenarios to prepare fighters for the real scenario."When the weapon fires, that triggers the laser beam, the laser beam is [then] detected in the target, and then the system in the target makes a decision about what the effect is" Rees said. "Just like a sports team repeats and practices their plays, it’s a similar effect to the military."

"As a warfighter, there’s probably nothing more important than understanding where you fit in and what you can do to make a difference in achieving the mission," Rees said.

The Marine Corps will also be using Saab’s indoor missile training.

Saab’s team will train Marines on the equipment. To help accomplish that mission, the company plans to hire more employees, including in Central Florida. The company is especially looking to hire veterans.

"The best person to communicate the value of the system to a warfighter is someone who has walked in those boots and has done that job," Rees said.

The company expects to add at least 30 to 50 workers at its Orlando location over the next years, including in positions in the technical, business and finance, and engineering departments. The company began posting those job openings online last month.

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