Community stepping up to help paralyzed father

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City leaders in Oak Hill, Florida want to find a way to help the family of a man who was left paralyzed after a recent shooting.

“We live in a community that’s safe. A lot of people in this community don’t lock their doors. It’s a community where everybody knows everybody and its hit home,” said commissioner Jeff Bracy, who spoke about the victim at the commission meeting Monday night.

Investigators say Joel Tatro was supervising a party for his teens about a week ago when two kids showed up uninvited.

Deputies say when he asked 15-year-old James Powell and 17-year-old Sylvano Leslie II to leave, Powell shot Tatro in the neck. Both teens were later arrested.

The father was rushed to the hospital. Family members say he could be there for more than a year.

Bracy says he wants their small community to rally around Tatro and his loved ones.

“The shooting – we’re gonna get the people together – were gonna put an event on and raise money for this family,” Bracy said. “The man is 45 years old. He’s in the middle of putting land together. Building a house. Now he’s not. So I feel that we need to come together.”

Since Tatro was in the beginning stages of building a house, commissioners also voted to waive permit fees to make the job easier.

Commissioners say they will not use any taxpayer money in this effort.