City of Orlando investigating claims than an employee blocked entrance to an abortion clinic

Volunteers at a women's health clinic want answers after they say a City of Orlando employee blocked the clinic's driveway and didn't want to move.

"People are yelling at them, screaming at them and so it makes it a little bit easier to have someone with you," said Winnie a volunteer at the Orlando Women's Center who chose not to use her full name.

She and other volunteers come to the center to help women get to the front door while faced with anti-abortion protesters.

On Saturday, they say a man in a City of Orlando car pulled up, blocking the driveway, and started talking to some protesters.

"We go over there, and we’re like, ‘Hey, you can’t be here, you’re blocking the driveway. Patients can’t get in, doctors can’t get in. You need to move,'" Winnie said. "And he was like, ‘Well, I’m with the city, you can’t tell me what to do. I need to be here, so I can look at the vehicle’s license plates."

Volunteers say it's not the first time they've seen the car.

One shared a photo with FOX 35 showing the car stopped with the driver talking to a protester.

The group points out that it's against the law to block people from getting into an abortion clinic.

Volunteers have filed complaints, sharing photos of the car with the city hoping something will be done.

"If he wanted to come on a Tuesday, if he’s off or whatever and stand on the sidewalk and yell, there’s nothing we could do, but you’re not going to use my taxpayer dollars to do it," Winnie said.

FOX 35 reached out to the city about the situation on Tuesday.

A spokesperson said they are aware of the complaint and the city has opened an investigation.