Church groups bring food, toys, prayers to those waiting outside Orlando ICE facility amid delays

For days now, people have been camped outside the ICE facility in Orlando – standing in line, sleeping on the sidewalk or in tents -- waiting to meet with someone to discuss their individual cases.

Some have brought tents, chairs, and cots to "camp" while waiting in line, so as to not risk losing their spot.

"No, I won’t move. I’m staying here," said Eddy, through a translator. He and his family have been waiting outside the ICE facility for four days, he said. They've brought food, shelter, and other necessities to ensure they do not have to leave the line.

"I have this tent. If it starts raining, I get inside the tent. All the people come in together. It’s a family," he said.

He's not alone and there are many others who line the block, and more people arrive every hour.

A spokesperson for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement previously told FOX 35 that it was aware of the situation and that the delays are due to a backlog from the pandemic and an increase of people wanting to meet with ICE officials.

ICE did not respond to FOX 35's request for comment on Sunday.

"They have been waiting with their families. There are children over there. We bring toys to try to help them with the children," said Pastor Irene Familia of Iglesia Cristiana Gracia y Gloria Sanford. 

Members of her church were outside the facility offering food, water, and prayers to those waiting.

"I’ve seen that they’re happy," said volunteer Jacqueline Caraballo. "It’s something to ease the wait. It’s something to give them hope and just make them feel better."

Pastor Familia said the ICE office should be able to see 80 people a day. But, those in line said it appears roughly 20 people are being seen each day. Many waiting in line fear they will be deported if they do not check in before their deadlines.

 "They feel that they would have to go back to the country where they have a difficult situation," said Pastor Familia. "Everyone has a different story. Everyone has a different situation for them to be here, so we hope that each of them has the opportunity to explain their story."