Child run over on Ormond Beach

Beach patrol brought a four year old boy to Halifax Hospital after he was run over by a pickup truck driven by a teenager on the beach.

High tide and traffic made for a dangerous mix on Ormond Beach. Mac Rowland says he saw the crowd of people trying to help the injured boy after the truck hit him.

“He was screaming a little bit and wiggling around,” Rowland said, “they were telling him just to stay still and wait till the lifeguards got there.”

Beach patrol says the boy was on a boogie board and the high waves carried him into the truck's path.

“The child stopped, the vehicle proceeded to travel northbound again, that's when the child got up and ran into the front bumper of the vehicle and then the tires ran over the child,” said Capt. Tamra Marris, with Volusia County Beach Safety Ocean Rescue.

Marris said at this point, it just seems like a tragic accident - and the teenage driver won't face any charges. “Right now, there's no driver fault,” she said, “the driver will not be ticketed at this time. He was a 19 year old from Sanford.”

Witnesses say help got there fast. “Lifeguards were there when we got out of the water and then the fire department got there pretty quick after we sat down,” Rowland said.

Marris said that the boy is receiving treatment at Halifax Hospital, he’s in very serious condition.