Chicken flowers? KFC-obsessed student gifted fried chicken bouquet for college graduation

A KFC-obsessed student from Australia was gifted a "finger-licking good" fried chicken bouquet from her boyfriend for her college graduation last month.

“I thought it was hilarious and thought it was a really good idea,” said Lucy Zhao, 22, an interior design student who graduated from the University of Technology Sydney. 

She and her boyfriend, Gabriel You, 27, had always been “diehard KFC addicts,” reported. The couple stops in at their local KFC chain several times a week to get their fried chicken fix, according to the Australian outlet. 

Zhao told the publication that she wanted to do something special to celebrate her graduation, so You suggested the creative idea. 

“My boyfriend and I were talking about my graduation day that was coming up, and we were thinking about what we could do,” she told “I said I wanted to do something special, but I didn’t know what. Then he suggested we do a bouquet of KFC chicken.”

To create the tasty bouquet, You first bought a big bucket of fried chicken wings and a large box of popcorn chicken, the report said. Then Zhao said he “popped them onto (wooden) skewers,” which acted as the flower stems. After, “he took it to our usual florist who wrapped it all up.” 

And so, the beautiful bunch of “chicken flowers” were created, ( reported. 

“It looked great. On my graduation day, all these other students were looking at it and asking me what it was because it looked like chicken,” Zhou told the outlet. “I said, ‘It is chicken!’ and gave them some to eat. It was so funny, and they enjoyed it.”

Zhou paid homage to hers and her boyfriend's love of the fried chicken chain.

“We both love KFC. We always go there at night, and we’ve both put on lots of weight since we first met over two years ago,” she said. “But we call it the fat of love. We both want to lose weight though, but KFC is our weakness.”

This story was reported from Los Angeles.