Check the PSI in your car tires!

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When you think of car maintenance, you probably think about oil changes and brake service, but one other important auto service to keep in mind is checking the air pressure in your car tires! Your tires handle a lot on a day to day basis on the road, so it’s crucial to make sure they’re in tiptop shape!

To ensure your tires are ready to hit the road, you should regularly check the air pressure in them! By making this a part of your routine, you can feel safer knowing you’re driving on properly inflated tires! If you’re not sure how to check your tire pressure, Toyota of Orlando can help! Thanks to our auto service technicians, we’re sharing how to check your car tires- step by step!

How to check your car tires for the right air pressure!

First, you’re going to need a handy dandy air pressure gauge! You can purchase one from our Orlando Toyota Parts Department! Get a hang of how it works before you go to check the air in your car tires!

  • Check your owner’s manual to know exactly what psi they should be at! Use the owner’s manual’s number to ensure there will not be too much pressure or too little.
  • Once you’ve consulted the owner’s manual, you’re ready to check the air pressure! Remove the valve cap on the valve stem, and press the tip of the pressure gauge against the valve stem to get an almost immediate reading of the psi in the tire.
  • If there is too much air pressure, press the gauge against the valve stem to release air from the tire. Let out a bit of air and reread the new pressure level in the tire until the number matches the level designated in the owner’s manual.
  • If there is too little air, press a compressed air hose to the valve stem and continuously check to ensure you’re not overfilling them with air!
  • Remember to screw back on the valve cover, and voila! You’ve checked the air pressure in your car tires! Repeat these steps for all four tires, and you may even want to check your spare tire too! 

Properly inflated tires not only save you money on buying new tires in Orlando sooner, but also at the gas pump! Too low of pressure or too much pressure can affect your fuel efficiency and raise your fuel costs!

Toyota service in Orlando can help with all your tire needs!

Now that you know how to check tire pressure yourself, it’s important you know what other routine maintenance they need! Our Orlando Toyota Service Center can take care of all car tire maintenance!

Every 5,000 miles you should bring your car into our auto service center to have your tires rotated, balanced and inflated! Wear and tear on your tires with no rotations or balances can shorten their life expectancy and cause you to shell out more money on new tires sooner!

If you have questions about checking tire pressure or need tire service in Orlando, call us at (866) 945-0493!

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