Charges dropped against woman whose car window was smashed by deputy

Shadya Miguel is feeling a sense of relief, now that she is no longer facing charges of resisting a deputy. Last month, FOX 35 aired a picture of Miguel’s shattered car window, which she says was smashed by an Orange County deputy during a traffic stop on International Drive. The Clermont woman was subsequently arrested and charged with resisting a deputy.

“I was excited.  It was small part of me that said, 'I know I was right.'  Obviously, these charges were dropped because for some reason you felt like there was no reason to prosecute me. There wasn't a case here," Miguel said. "I felt like it was unnecessary; it was a wrongful use of force, in my opinion,” Miguel said.

In an arrest report, the deputy claimed that Miguel, 24, became combative and locked her car door. Miguel says she was reluctant to get out of her car without an explanation from the deputy who pulled her over.  The report also stated the deputy believed her tag was registered to a black Hyundai , not her white Chevrolet.  As it turns out, the deputy misread her license plate.

“I am looking for a reimbursement, now that my charges are dropped,” Miguel said.  She has filed a complaint against the Orange County deputy and says the Sheriff's Office should foot the bill for her window that cost more than $200 to replace.  "This is my property that I have to pay for so now that you damaged it, and my charges are dropped, you need to fix my stuff, you need to reimburse me for something I had to come out of my pocket for," Miguel said.

A spokesperson for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office says they’re looking into whether or not Miguel can be reimbursed for the window. The complaint against the deputy is still under review by the sheriff’s department’s office of professional standards.