Video shows 'unruly' guests at Osceola County Fair

There was chaos at the Osceola County Fair, Friday night. 

"I don't think I've ever seen anything like that before," said Joseph McAvey, who recorded the scene on his phone as events unfolded.

His video showed crowds of youngsters running from the area before a group of them clash with Osceola County deputies. 

"When they came back around, it was just mayhem because the cops weren't expecting it. So that girl came out of nowhere, put her hair up, and just got tackled by the police," McAvey said.

Fair administrator Larry Berry said it all started when the fair reached capacity on Friday of 13,000 people. 

"Some of the kids inside got word the box offices were closed, their friends were not coming in, and they decided to be unruly," he said.

They say they've taken steps to make sure the fair is safe, by slashing the number of people who can enter to 9,000 and bringing on more deputies than the year before. But they also say the people who showed each day up also made a difference. 

"It was a different crowd yesterday, it was families, it was adults coming out and having a good time with their families, where Friday night with the students it was a totally different crowd," Berry said.

The Sheriff's Office says they identified one juvenile as the aggressor on Friday and detained her, later releasing her to her father. They say the State Attorney's Office is reviewing the report. Sunday is the fair's last day, and visitors say they'll keep an eye out for trouble. 

"I'm glad it was contained," said visitor Anthony Morris. "I didn't hear about anyone getting hurt. But the kids will stay closer to daddy today than they normally would!"

Administrators say some other fairs only admit people under 18 with a parent or guardian. They say they won't rule out that being a possibility there in the future.

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