Change coming to I-4 and SR 408 exit

Another big change is coming to Interstate 4 this week, at one of its most traveled intersections -- all of it happening at the beginning of a busy holiday weekend. Traffic and patience will be tested with the latest change.

“We’re flipping traffic compared to what you’ve been used to up until this time,” David Parks with the I-4 Ultimate Project said.

Crews are hard at work preparing for a major change to the exit from Eastbound I-4 to State Road 408 in Downtown Orlando. It’s a change that will affect about 23,000 drivers on an average day.

“You’ll still exit I-4 at the same location,” Parks says.

Officials said this change means drivers will no longer travel over a bridge to get to the 408 and South Street. Instead, they will need to drive parallel to Division Avenue and then Gore Street before continuing into the 408.

So, in order to get ready, drivers exiting eastbound I-4 will need to be in the left lane for South Street and the right lane for the 408.

This change will be in effect for the next 17 months, giving crews a safe place to work and tear down parts of the interstate that will no longer be part of the Ultimate Project.

“That allows us to close the bridge that spans over top of I-4, remove that bridge and then get in there and continue widening eastbound I-4 in that area,” Parks said.

Officials said drivers may notice this new shift as early as this Friday morning, so be on the lookout for flashing road signs.