Central Florida Jewish community focuses on security following Pittsburgh shooting

Tributes from around the world are pouring in for the City of Pittsburgh, as the Jewish community recovers from Saturday's synagogue shooting. 

11 people were killed at a Pittsburg synagogue on Saturday, including a pair of brothers and a husband and wife. The victim's names were released on Sunday.

Nations all over are still reeling for the horrible attack, including Central Florida. Many local jewish organizations are focusing heavily on security now.

Over the weekend, police increased security at the Jewish Federation of Greater Orlando in Maitland. Other synagogues are talking about hiring armed security and locking their doors.

Rabbi Courtney Berman says that Temple Bethel and Temple Israel regularly practice active shooter drills. 

Governor Rick Scott has also ordered state troopers to increase patrols at religious institutions statewide, calling the shooting "an act of pure evil and hatred."



Authorities continue to learn more about Robert Bowers, the accused gunman. They say he had several social media postings that included hateful remarks about jews and refugees. After the shooting, police say that he told them that he wanted "all jews to die" and that "they were committing genocide to his people."

Bowers is facing 29 federal charges, most of which carry the death penalty. He is scheduled to make his first appearance on Monday afternoon.