School bus stops moved in Volusia County to avoid streets flooded due to Ian

The Volusia County School District is having to reroute its buses and reorganize its student pickups because of flooding. The water in some streets is still about a foot high – if not worse.

FOX 35 News spoke with a woman who lives right by one of the flooded bus stops, Tobiann Dyke. She said this has been a problem in the past – one she brought up with the City a year ago.

"I called the City to say, ‘Hey could we maybe do something about the drainage over here?’ because I don’t think it’s cool for kids to have to walk through water when they’re going to school," said Dyke. "Nothing was done of it, and obviously, Hurricane Ian made it worse."

Dyke says she never did hear back from Public Works, so she decided not to press the issue too much.

But she’s hoping the flooding going on now could be the push the Department needs to make a change.

"Could they have done something differently in advance? What can they do going forward, now that they know these areas flood so that people can travel in this area and not take all these back roads to get where they need to go," said Dyke. "They should take into account where the water lies during rainy season for bus stops in advance."


One other problem the flooded roads cause is that they create more traffic on side streets that are normally quiet. 

Dyke fears that could be dangerous for kids trying to get to school in the morning. For more bus route information, visit the Volusia County website.