Bucks County offering $5,000 reward for turning in drug dealers

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Authorities in Bucks County have announced a new program that will offer rewards to anyone who reports drug activity, leading to the conviction of a drug dealer.

Bucks County Crime Stoppers along with the District Attorney made the announcement Thursday morning at the Falls Township Municipal Building in Fairless Hills.

The program, referred to as the ‘Push Out the Pusher’ program, will offer rewards of up to $5,000 to anyone who reports drug activity, resulting in the conviction of a drug dealer.

Officials unveiled new signs promoting the program which will be distributed to activists and citizens.  


Bucks County District Attorney Matt Weintraub announced the creation of a 6-detective strike force.

“Task forces are for talking, strike forces are for action,” Weintraub said, “This strike force will be dedicated to eradicating this deadly scourge from wherever it may be found within and without Bucks County because heroin knows no boundaries.”

Weintraub says he thinks the signs play a critical piece in this effort.

“It is our goal to literally pepper Bucks County with these signs, and any person that has an inkling to contact this number to push out the pusher if you will, will be responded to,” Weintraub said.

When FOX 29’s Dawn Timmeney asked about potential fears for residents who may be afraid to speak up, Weintraub responded in part by saying “everyone has a tipping point.”