Brevard Zoo's 'Brody the Bear' undergoes MRI

Brody the Bear, who has been undergoing treatment at the Brevard Zoo for a year, went in for an MRI on Sunday. He has hip dysplasia, experts said,

"The hip joints don’t form properly and it leads to long-term lameness issues with limping and arthritis and all that," Brevard Zoo’s Dr. Trevor Zachariah explained.

Brody was rescued from the Ocala National Forest last year when he was just three weeks old. He’s had pelvic surgery and stem cell therapy in the past to help his condition, but he’s still had issues with his hind legs.

His caretakers wanted to rule out all causes so they partnered with Health First’s Viera Hospital to get him an MRI. The hospital donated all of the services.

"MRI’s are very advanced and very technical pieces of equipment and it’s not something you do every day," Zachariah said. "To get this accomplished for an animal this size is a feat so we’re really appreciative of all the help."

Brody was sedated for about 45 minutes so he could take the test. The procedure went well. 

"Once we get all that information put together, combine the neurologist’s report, the radiologist’s information, then we’ll figure out if we have a good answer or not for what’s going on and develop a management strategy for him going forward," Zachariah said.

The results should be back in the next day or two.