Boy tied up at night to prevent him from eating, father and grandmother arrested

A father and grandmother were arrested after law enforcement discovered child abuse in their household, including tying up a boy at night to prevent him from eating. 

The Baker County Sheriff's Office posted on Facebook that on August 16th, school officials notified a School Resource Deputy of an incident that indicated that a child may experiencing abuse at home. The School Resource Deputy began to investigate and made contact with the child at school. Bruising behind the child's left ear, bruising above his left eye, and a small laceration on the left side of his forehead was observed. The School Resource Deputy notified the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF).

The sheriff's office went on to say that DCF came to the school to investigate with the School Resource Deputy. They spoke to the child together and determined that the child was subjected to severe abuse by his father and grandmother. The child had several injuries to his body, some of which were very serious and in need of medical attention. They also discovered that the child would be tied up at night in order to prevent him from eating. 

The Sheriff’s Office Detective’s unit was reportedly notified and joined the investigation as well. They say they discovered that Kenneth Haley was currently on probation for child neglect out of Jackson County, Florida. It was also discovered that Haley was currently in violation probation. The Starke Probation Office was notified.

The Sheriff’s Office, DCF, and Probation Officers was said to have went to the residence and made contact with Kenneth Haley and Carmen Yeomans. Also present at the residence were two other toddlers. Based on the information and evidence gathered at the scene, Kenneth Haley and Carmen Yeomans were placed under arrest. Four children, between ages 3 and 7, were removed from the residence placed into the care of DCF. 

See the full Facebook post by the Baker County Sheriff's Office below.