Boy kicked out of private school over dreadlocks

A father says changes need to be made after his son was told he couldn't attend private school with dreadlocks. Now, threats are being made against the Christian school in Apopka.

Sue Book says she's been bombarded with hateful calls, ever since she told a father that his son couldn't attend school at A Books Christian Academy, because of his long hair.

"Threatening calls, gonna picket the school, bomb the school and then my mothers are getting this."

She says it all started on Monday.

"First day of school, the father comes in and the boy has his dreads. I said 'Sir, he'll have to have his hair cut.' 'No, I'm not cutting the hair,' he said.  'I'll withdraw him, I'm taking him out.'"

"My son was just told he cannot attend school with his hair. If that's not biased, I don't know what is," says Clinton Stanley.

Stanley says his 6-year-old son, with the same name, was so excited to attend his first day of school. He says it hurt, to be turned away. Stanley is concerned about discrimination.

"I should have been told this months ago."

He says, had he known about the rules ahead of time, he would not have put his son in this position, but Book says she gave the boy's mother a handbook before school started.

"I've had rules since 1971. The boy's hair must look like a boys -- off the ears and off the collar."

Orange County Commissioner Rod Love showed up at the school with a deputy, concerned about the safety of everyone inside.

"That they feel safe in an environment, that they can teach the kids."

He wishes everyone could just sit down and talk.

"He has it in him to help turn this around and I'm hoping we can all get this resolved."

Book says the student was going to attend on a Step Up for Students scholarship, but now since that won't happen, she won't get the funding. Meanwhile, Stanley is planning a community meeting Thursday at 6 p.m., to talk about having a petition, so schools can't receive funding if they discriminate. It's at the Hope Community Center in Apopka.