Body cam footage shows moments leading up to deadly Altamonte Springs officer-involved shooting

Newly released body cam video shows the moments leading up to the shooting death of a man who was reportedly walking around his Altamonte Springs neighborhood with a rifle. 

On Tuesday, police responded to the River Run neighborhood in Altamonte Springs after a woman called stating her neighbor, 65-year-old Eric Seckington, was going door to door with a rifle in hand. 

When officers arrived at the scene, they issued verbal commands instructing Seckington to lower the firearm, but he disregarded their directives, they said. In response, an officer fired at Seckinton, killing him.

Both police and Seckington's daughter, Victoria Davis, said he had a history of mental illness. According to police, there had been 40 calls for service involving Seckington.

A community engagement officer met with him two weeks before the shooting where it was recommended he get inpatient care at North Tampa Behavioral Health.

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The 911 calls before the shooting have also been released.

Caller: "We have a neighbor who’s walking up and down from house to house with a rifle. Now he’s just knocking on our front door."
Dispatcher: "And he’s your neighbor?"
Caller: "He’s across the street, neighbor."
Dispatcher: "Has he shot the gun at all? Or pointed it at anybody?
Caller: "No, he has not."

Police said the way Seckington lifted the rifle up prompted officers to fire at him.