Beware of these ATM skimmers that are stealing your card information

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Orange County Sheriff's Office says that recently recovered skimming devices from an ATM. 

This skimming device is contains two separate parts.

The first is an overlay card reader that looks identical to the original card reader. This device captures and stores the card's magnetic stripe information (card number, card owner's name, etc).

The second part is a small video camera that is used to capture the PIN as it is entered by the victim. In all of the most recent cases, the camera is hidden in the area where the receipt usually comes out of. This piece is also an overlay type device that looks like the original. A mini SD card records video and sound with one of two batteries to power the device.

Both parts are usually adhered to the ATM using strong double sided tape. 

The Orange County Sheriff's Office recommends that consumers actually grab these parts of the ATM and give them a shake, which will usually reveal that these devices are attached.