Best Buy moves to curbside takeaway service

We're used to seeing curbside takeaway at restaurants. Now tech retailer BestBuy is getting into the game, in an effort to halt the spread of the coronavirus. 

Shoppers like Lauri Godfrey said it was a good idea. “I was here yesterday and did the same thing and it works really well,” Godfrey said.

BestBuy says for now, only their employees are allowed inside the stores. Using the curbside pickup service, customers place their orders through their phone, BestBuy's app, or their website. 

Once customers order their item, the workers direct them to the sidewalk near the entrance where they wait in their cars for a staffer to bring it out and put it in the back. BestBuy has stopped home installation of large appliances like refrigerators. They've also stepped up employee pay and benefits.