Bear breaks into California home through kitchen window

A bear in California was looking for a lot more than a picnic.

Home surveillance video captured a bear breaking into a home in South Lake Tahoe on June 13. The bear decided the best thing to do would be to enter through the kitchen window, then rummage through the contents of the sink and the drain.

According to the family that occupies the home, the bear made several trips to the house to get food. They also said it was the second time that the particular bear has broken in. According to KOLO, last year it broke down the front door. They said they had a total of six incidents with bears over the years. 

“We are very lucky. Both major break-ins, we were very lucky. I know a lot of people have not been. It has been very, very costly," said Carole Scofield.

They said they were not home when the most recent break-in occurred.