Beach safety: Beware of flying umbrellas

With the sweltering heat, experts are warning beachgoers to watch out for flying umbrellas, just in case the wind picks up.

There were some tense moments in South Carolina as a toddler was almost hit by a flying umbrella with a sharp end. 

The pole nearly impaled the boy, but he managed to quickly dart out of the way.

A Fox 35 photographer captured video of an umbrella whipping through the waves as a storm rolls in on New Smyrna Beach.

There are reports of people being impaled by beach umbrellas all over the country. 

Officials say more than 30,000 people had to actually go to the hospital because of it over the last 10 years.

Now, two senators from New Jersey are looking for safety regulations for beach umbrellas nationwide.

Beach rental employee Josh Ford says it starts with a deep hole.

"We try to help them if we can," he said. "If we see them struggle, we help them with the hole. Just to help."

Ford says to make sure to anchor the pole with sand bags filled with 100 pounds of sand. 

It also needs to be leaning into the wind.

Ford says if the wind gusts are 12 miles an hour or higher, it might be best not to put an umbrella out at all.