Beach goers warned of 'Sea Butterfly'

Volusia County Beach Patrol says Tropical Storm Emily left behind some sea life in the sand that's hard to see,  and if you step on it, it could sting. They've had several calls about it.

Along Volusia Beaches, there's something in the sand. Jenn Kantor and her son Dominic noticed it.

"I think I stepped on one, but it didn't hurt. It was just a quick pinch," Jenn said.

Capt. Tammy Marris says these tiny transparent sea snails were carried in from the Caribbean from currents generated by Tropical Storm Emily.

"We've been getting phone calls and reports about little pieces of fiberglass on the beach. These small little needle like creatures they look like tiny pieces of fiber glass but their common name is sea butterfly."

"They look definitely cool, I never heard of a sea butterfly, they look cool," said 6-year-old Dominic.

Rescuers say the sea butterfly is harmless. It has a transparent needle that propels itself with its tongue, which flutters like a butterfly.  

Beach goer Alexandra Chiu says, "Now I know what they are, I thought they were trash."

Beach goer Jenna Hawkins made a special trip to see them, adding "We came out here to go look at them, it's pretty fascinating."

Rescuers say the creatures will stick into the skin like a splinter and could cause red bumps. But say it isn't an allergic reaction.

Dominic plans to play carefully in the sand.

"Definitely try to avoid them and not step on them out in the ocean."

If you get stuck rescuers say,  just pull out the sea butterfly. If you're still concerned, see a lifeguard.